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STEM Equity Ally Workshops

Mark your calendars to join us for any of the following
workshops that are of interest to you! These workshop modules were developed by the PMPS Equity LeNS (Equity Leadership Network for STEM) team last year.

Location: PMSP Offices (650 NW 118th Ave. Portland, 97229)

Target Audience: Community STEM educators

Course Fee: Free

Timing: 9:30AM – 12:30PM


January 16: Instructional Practices for STEM Equity
– develop caring relationships, communicate high expectations, and create inclusive environments

February 15: Equitable Discourse in STEM
-practices that support ALL students engaging in productive STEM talk

March 13: Implicit Bias and Microaggressions in STEM
– what they are, why they matter in STEM, and how to interrupt them

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PMSP Saturday Physics Follow-up Workshops 2018

Time: 9 am – 1 pm

Location: Southridge High School, Beaverton, Room C204

January 20 – Engineering a Shoe

This workshop will engage participants in a project on the engineering and design of a shoe. In the workshop, participants will live the student experience, collecting and analyzing data to make data-informed design decisions. Participants will connect this project to the NGSS learning progression for performance expectations around force, impulse, and momentum.

February 24 – Waves and Technology

This workshop introduces an NGSS-aligned learning progression through a cell phone and telecommunications project. The unit integrates project based learning, modeling, all four areas of  STEM, and the NGSS Waves performance expectations. We begin with the phenomenon of a cell phone call where the student asks on speakerphone “How are you hearing me?”. That launches us into telecommunications, including an exploration of how the ear works and coding a simple “App” to digitize a text message, transmit it, and transform it back to a text message

April 7 – Electricity, Magnetism, and Power Production

This workshop engages participants in an NGSS-aligned learning progression culminating in a student designed 50-Year Energy Plan. We begin with the phenomenon of a speaker, transition to electric guitars, and then scale up to generators. To explore how generators harness energy in nature, students engage in the practices of engineering as they design wind turbines and optimize solar cells. Creating a rubric to evaluate large scale power production then launches us into climate science. Putting it all together, students consider many real world constraints and complete their 50-Year Energy Plan.

Summer Workshops

2018 professional development opportunities will include the Physics for the Next Generation, Chemistry for the Next Generation, and Biology for the Next Generation. These workshops support the implementation of the NGSS-aligned high school curriculum developed by our partnering districts and PMSP TOSAs.

Please Note – There may be a cost to receive one-on-one support for your organization.