Intel STEM Center

The Intel STEM Center for College and Career Readiness, located at the Capitol Center in Beaverton, serves as the operations hub for the partnership. The Intel STEM Center supports the aligned activities of partnering school districts and organizations by establishing shared measurement practices, mobilizing funding, and advancing policy and building public will to support change. These activities will be coordinated through the Intel STEM Center’s following offices:

The Intel STEM Center meets the needs of all students and teachers in partnering districts through coordinated access to the partnership’s programs. The Intel STEM Center engages with whole schools to transform STEM teaching and learning by establishing Networked Improvement Communities (NIC) that are led by STEM Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs). The NICs include partnering school districts, higher education, business and industry partners, and community STEM education providers, as well as community stakeholders such as parents, civic groups, and local government agencies. Each school will develop and implement a four-year strategic investment plan supported by the NIC to transform STEM programming to provide pathways for all students, including traditionally underrepresented groups, to meet STEM college and career readiness benchmarks that meet or exceed grade level learning targets established by the State of Oregon and partnering school districts. School-based NICs provide all partners a direct forum for impacting the education and workforce development for Oregon’s students by engaging in the systemic improvement of their education.